ITASA leaders in steel foundry, state-of-the-art steelworks in America, tailor-made designs
We cast pieces in: stainless steel, martensitic steel, austenitic steel, duplex steel, superalloy steel, carbon steel, Hadfield steel.
ITASA has been the leading company in castings for more than 25 years. It has a production capacity of 1,500 tons per year and a furnace nominal loading of 5,800 kg, obtaining forgings of up to 4,000 kg.
3D Simulation and analysis
Software for simulating processes for filling and solidification of castings, feeding module, hot points, porosity.
3D Printing
We provide prototype developments, forming tests, as well as assistance in the development of products through 3D printing. ITASA also provides tailor-made solutions.
Quality Tests and Testing
Penetrating liquids, magnetizable particles, ultrasound, traction tests, spectrometry, metallography, videoscopy, durometry, sand tests, simulation of thermal treatments in laboratory.
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We are members of CASEMI, Argentine Chamber of Mining Suppliers.

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